Watch the Denver Broncos Online

Find out what will be done at the quarterback position when you watch the Denver Broncos online during this season.

Watch the Denver Broncos Online.

What to do with the quarterback?

John Elway, executive vice president of football operations, and head Coach John Fox have to find out if Tim Tebow is the future for this team, and that means playing him throughout this season. The Broncos need to trade Kyle Orton, if not now, then when a starter around the league goes down with an injury before the trading deadline in October. There is a great deal of money involved in this scenario, but not as much if they don't know what they have in Tebow well before the next draft. They are definitely going t test him in training camp and as well as in preseason.

Converting defenses is always tough and can take a few years to be successfully completed. The attempt to go with a 4-3 will be interesting to see who will fill the opening-day middle linebacker slot. What about the defensive tackles? Can they be one-gap penetrators? Will Elvis Dumervil hold up on run downs with his hand on the ground. And how about Orlando Franklin? Can this second-round rookie develop quickly? Perhaps the Broncos need to seek the services of a proven veteran.

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